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“Joy, feeling one’s own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.”
– Maria Montessori


We welcome you as a parent, as a teacher, as a person, and as a child. All of you, the emotional, the intellectual, the curious, the courageous, social or solitary, quiet or loud, your soul in all it’s colors.

  • We will introduce you to kindness and inclusion.
  • We will be honest and open and accepting.
  • We will “take one”, “take two”, then “take three” and so on until we ALL feel comfortable.
  • We will listen; you will be heard and respected.
  • We will practice LOVE.


When we create art, we elevate our mood, we improve our ability to problem solve, and open our minds to new ideas


We retreat to our classes, and we gather our thoughts.
Then we pow-wow to discuss the day ahead, upcoming events and to discuss our interests, ask questions and listen to the opinions of our peers.
We eat fresh fruit
We go outside, or we dance or do yoga, or we play in the gym, running around without a care in the world.
We create, sometimes big things, sometimes little things. We sing and we read, and we talk to each other.
We have a healthy lunch.
We spend a lot of time learning how to care for ourselves and each other: toothbrushing, handwashing, dressing, toilet time, eating, resting, tidying, cleaning, hydrating.
We play.
We go outside again, rain or shine, hot or cold; we love all seasons and all weather.
People check in on us, they hug us and talk to us and make sure that we’re having a good day.
And when we aren’t, we get to do something a little bit different, until we feel like rejoining our friends.
We laugh.
And then we wait for our mums and dads to come and pick us up, so we can go home to bed, rested so that we can start all over again tomorrow.

SAFETY is a basic need, and this is what it looks like to us:

  • respecting boundaries as members of a group
  • healthy food & clean water
  • rest
  • big, bright spaces
  • to be seen
  • to be heard
  • loving arms
  • gentle voices
  • friendship
  • supporting individuality

When a family feels safe, the children feel safe and thrive. In an effort to protect the mental health of our tiny citizens, we focus 100% on safety.
In an effort to protect the mental health of our employees and our clients, we promise to practice communication with an open heart.